Why Lenderkey?

Lenderkey solves the financing challenge by connecting business borrowers and lenders through a collaborative, support and process flow platform. Lender key is the perfect fit for borrowers and the lending community by streamlining onboarding and the relationships in the lending transaction.

Who can use Lenderkey?

Lenderkey is designed with borrowers and lenders in mind. Borrowers have an easier time finding the right Lender. Similarly, with the evolutionary power of Fintech, Lenders have a streamlined process to quickly onboard, qualify and make credit decisions.

How Lenderkey Works


Dyanamic – Lenderkey saves borrowers and lenders time effort and money. Our Dynamic Dashboards streamline the process to unlock the perfect connection between borrower needs and lender offers.


Onboarding – Collecting the right information is the most time consuming activity of the process. Our rapid collaboration processes eliminate the frustration of traditional time wasters.


Connections – The process of applying for a loan is pain free. The dashboards guide borrowers to the exact information required.

Lenders are instantly notified of the opportunity – immediately able to go to work, and communicate directly with the borrower.

Dynamic Process Flow Chains

Delivering compliant workflows

Secure Activity Spaces
By integrating the most advanced Fintech tools, Lenderkey helps both borrowers and lenders get the most out of the new lending marketplace.

Security Intelligence
CRM3 Onboarding
If there is a fit with a lender, the process moves seamlessly to the lenders established lending process.

Secure Workspaces
LenderKey Link-to™
If a lender is not a fit, a referral notice is generated to lenders who’s criteria is a match, until the perfect key between the borrower and a lender is unlocks capital until the perfect source between the borrower and a lender unlocks capital.

Secure Notebooks
Lenderkey Instant Portals
Private portals allows collaboration throughout the lending life cycle, saving time and effort for both parties in the relationship.

Secure File Storage
BlockCerts Smart Contracts
Our smart contracts with BlockCerts not only help the borrower to complete requirements and make payments automatically, they also ensure all transactions are tracked, compliant and complete. Both sides of the transaction can be confident in the process.